Hello Dear Reader,

I can see right now your burning desire to discover and learn network technologies, you are on the right track, the road to expertise begin from here… the road to the CCIE!

I created this blog to help myself towards my goal to become a CISCO CERTIFIED INTERNETWORK EXPERT, I can see myself already there!

Now all I have to do is to learn and practice and learn and practice…

You can participate too in this adventure by posting your constructive comments, critics and any remarks concerning the technology, the design, the style, or anything you estimate I can improve, I will be glad exchanging with you!

/\ _T |\|

IPv6 Certification Badge for nouri



16 Responses to About

  1. HH says:

    Excellent blog, well written and explains things very well. I’m only working on my CCNP in my spare time for university but I read (and read and read) to find out more 😀

  2. Pietro says:

    Hi A. J.,
    I found your blog very exciting and it seems to be opened to all issues involving networking. It is very clear and well-done. I’ve master degree in Telecommunication Engineering and I work in networking field from about 4 years. Currently I work for a Cisco competitor (it is not difficult to find one, there are very few big company that can be Cisco competitors) and now I am studying, in my free time, for CCIE R&S written exam.

    Congratulations for your blog.

    • cciethebeginning says:

      Thank you guys for your nice comments, I hope this blog will be of help in your preparations.
      Have a good work!

    • Diana Hembree says:

      Hi Pietro — I am looking for Cisco competitors to interview for a market research report for a San Francisco-based market research firm. I’m not sure if you’re still working for one, or if you left recently, but if so, I would love to talk with you. My email is dh@blueshiftideas.com. The interview can be anonymous and you would receive a copy of the proprietary report. Thanks! Diana

  3. demha says:

    Hello AJ its relay V.good Blog keep it up i am now on CCNP track hoping for IE , i rarely get time for reading since i spend my most of the time in Data center and branch office issues 🙂


  4. Jim says:

    Excellent write-ups, this is the same concept of how I achieved my CCIE but I did my write-ups in word. Good luck.

  5. axiomwy says:

    hello,i dom’t know if you will see it,if you see it ,i want to say ,i am a chinese student.i click the ipv6.he.net
    i feel it is interesting ,but i am not know how it work clearly.maybe it is because my english is so bad.but i see you are so …(a word that say one person is very good at someting).i want to ask you some question.i hope you can help.thank you.my email is axiomwy@gmail.com

  6. andrea says:

    this site is very interesting, i have a problem with ripng over frame relay subinterface point-to-point. you can help me

  7. jadouking says:

    Very interesting site!
    Thanks for sharing the knowledge! Very much appreciated!

    Good luck for the lab exam if not done yet 🙂

  8. Praveen says:

    @AjNouri how can we in touch with for study as it good to be part of your journey

    • ajnouri says:

      Thanks Praveen. Now, I’m trying to consolidate some fundamenals before the last stretch. If any question about any CCIE topic, I can try to lab it up.

  9. DuyLinh says:

    HI !
    Now i learn CCIE, if you want to learn with me, please contact me : skype : duylinh3103 or yahoo: deity_war
    Thanks 🙂

  10. Abulfaz says:

    Wonderful blog, huge thanks to the author.

  11. kalyan says:

    do u have any rfc’s list for ccie security ?

  12. madamepim says:

    Good luck A.J.!

    Enjoy the process, it’s a long road…

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