Interactive BGP troubleshooting

As you probably know, one of the major changes in CCIE R&S (4.0) is the troubleshooting section, 10 tickets to troubleshoot in 2 hours, a new challenge to face for CCIE candidates.

Of course troubleshooting has always been an inherent part of the exam, which depends on the task difficulty, the candidate level of preparation and personal experience.

Less experienced or not very prepared candidates will have heuristic oriented approach to troubleshooting: using “trial and error”, rely more on “show running-config” and the memory of how the configuration “should look like”.

More experienced and well prepared candidates, will rely more on systematic and organized approach based on careful investigation and diagnosis: analysis of configuration parameters and an accurate interpretation of the appropriate “show” commands.

So the idea of this post, inspired from the comprehensive, but not very comfortable to read (at least for me:-P) ) BGP troubleshooting flowchart of Cisco (picture1). A regular usage of such approach will help acquire and consolidate a systematic method of troubleshooting.


I turned the flowchart into an interactive flash (picture2) using Adobe Captivate, I hope making it easier and more comfortable to read. (click picture2 to browse it)

I hosted the “swf” at a third-party site, because unfortunately wordpress doesn’tb allow them, you can also download it to browse offline

Of course, it is subject to changes and modifications, so please don’t hesitate to leave your comments and suggestions.

A similar work for OSPF, EIGRP, MPLS, MPLS VPN troubleshooting will follow.

Here is the link to the flash content:


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