PIM Sparse Mode with Auto-RP

The following flash animation shows the process of PIM Sparse Mode with automatic Rendez-vous Point Auto-RP:

Click the figure to open the swf animation.











Below an attempt to embedd the flash content locally.

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4 Responses to PIM Sparse Mode with Auto-RP

  1. djagga says:

    Very useful i learned alot but stil not enough 🙂
    Im trying vlc H1 (sender) > cisco 1800 > receiver H2 with vlc no succes atm. 😦

    • cciethebeginning says:

      Hi djagga,

      Thanks for your feedback

      – Check if your VLC is multicasting out of the good interface, because by default traffic will follow default host routing table (if you have more than 1 interface)
      – check with the router if it can receive VLC MCast group traffic from the source using : “sh ip igmp groups”

      – You can 1st focus on your router configuration by making the interface connected to the source join a particular multicast group using the command “ip igmp join-group”

      – make sure both router interfaces (all interfaces that could potentially participate in the multicast forwarding) are enabled for PIM-SM

      With 1 router enough to configure PIM-dense mode to make it work, if you want to test PIM-Sparse or PIM sparse-Dense mode it will be more interesting to have at least one dedicated router as (RP & MA)
      nevertheless technically you can do it with just one router.

      – enable ip multicast routing “ip multicast-routing”
      – configure loopback interface for RP & MA (both PIM enabled)

      – For auto-RP use :
      “ip pim sparse-mode” + “ip pim auto-rp”
      “ip pim sparse-dense mode”

      – For static-RP use :
      “ip pim rp-address”

      I will post a short video showing a couple of troubleshooting commands and verifications concerning the topology in the animation.
      hope this helps

  2. djagga says:

    thank you for your help i made the mistace because i enabled ip igmp snooping
    but i learned now
    thank you again 🙂

  3. You you should make changes to the page name title PIM Sparse Mode with Auto-RP CCIE, the beginning! to more specific for your webpage you write. I enjoyed the the writing still.

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